Getting Started" of "Amazon Kindle E-Book Publishing

Methods for publishers and transcoding factories to publish eBooks to the Amazon Kindle platform

To ensure the quality of e-books on the Kindle platform, Amazon in the United States has published the Kindle e-book production guidelines "Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines" for Kindle e-book publishers or self-published authors a long time ago.

Since Kindle has not been in the world for too long, Kindle e-book publishing is new for domestic publishers, and e-book production and publishing are still ascending. Many publishers may produce their e-books or outsource them to professional production companies. Their production standards are different. Many small partners complain that the quality of e-books purchased in the Kindle store is uneven, which may be the main reason. Amazon should also be aware of this problem, so it released the "Amazon Kindle E-Book Publishing Guide" version in March of this year.

Getting Started" of "Amazon Kindle E-Book Publishing

There are mainly three ways to publish e-books, one is through the "Kindle Direct Publishing Platform" (English: Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, referred to as KDP) To produce and publish e-books, and the other is to use software such as KindleGen to convert HTML or EPUB written by yourself into Kindle e-books, and the last is to outsource the production to third-party manufacturers. For the first method, because of the current publishing management policy in my country, the prospect of self-publishing is not large,

There are different types of Kindle e-books, such as our common novels, comics, dictionaries, etc. They have different requirements for content encoding, and the expression of some content is also different on Kindle devices or Kindle applications. For these differences, the guidelines include a table at the end of this section detailing what content types the different content formats are suitable for, what features they have, what Kindle devices or Kindle apps are suitable for, and the existing limitations.

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