Optimize Your Book's Description on Amazon KDP

Optimize your book description on Amazon KDP

It is essential to optimize your book description to convince your future reader and help Amazon's algorithm suggest your book to the right people.

Your book's description should convince and convert potential readers who land on its Amazon page after a search or by seeing your book's cover in a ranking or "customers also bought this" area. Book ".

A good description on the bottom

The book description is essential: it is often the first contact a potential reader has with your book. It must arouse the curiosity of the visitor who arrives on the page of your book and enlighten him on its content.

A lengthy book description

Amazon kdp allows you 4000 characters. To improve your results and sales, your description should be as close as possible to these 4000 characters.

If your description is barely ten lines, you are already not using all the possibilities to convince the visitor to buy your book.

Copywriting at the service of your description

You can think of your book description as a commercial offer intended to entice a reader to place an order. Here are some additional tips for a good description.

Your book description should:

include an engaging title and a catchphrase: this is the only text that will be seen on all browsers and all devices,

to raise interest,

arouse positive emotions: joy, surprise, comfort, etc.

make you want with a dynamic text,

detail the content without revealing everything,

embed social proof

end with an explicit call to action: download the book now!

An SEO-optimized description

The icing on the cake: in addition to making the visitor to your book's page want, your description can also help your book's natural referencing on Amazon and Google...

And yes, your book's page works like any page on the Internet. So SEO: Search Engine Optimization, or Natural Referencing, applies.

If your description is well written, you use the maximum of 4000 characters available and include the right keywords; you increase your chances of appearing in search results.

And what are the right keywords? Search phrases readers interested in your genre will type in to find books like yours.

How to optimize the formatting of its description?

The good news, it is no longer necessary to master HTML to format your description correctly.

All formatting options are now right in your KDP interface:

Use them to the fullest:

Title 4 (highest level),

Title 5,

Title 6,





Anything that can allow you to highlight the important keywords for the algorithm and convince your future readers.

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