What is NFT mining modes?

 Analysis of mining mode

1. Public chain mining machine mining

The safest (not equal to 100% secure) mining method is public chain mining, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS, EOS, and so on.

In terms of mining requirements, public chain mining requires hardware mining machines such as GPUs and graphics cards for mining. According to today's comparable prices, the return on investment can be about 100%-300%.

However, there are three risks:

  1. The comparable price fluctuates and may fluctuate violently.
  2. The hardware price is inflated.
  3. The poor management of mining machines causes the risk.

Suggestion: Currently, the price of a mainstream currency has a bubble, which may burst at any time. It is not recommended to invest.

2. Public chain mobile phone mining machine mining

Compared with mining machine mining, mobile phone mining has the advantages of low investment and convenience. However, because most projects are virtual mining machines, the security is weaker than mining machine mining.

Naturally, virtual mining with a mobile phone machine cannot provide strong computing power. It is mainly an incentive for promotion, and there is a risk that the primary network will not be launched as scheduled.

Of course, compared with mining machine mining, mobile phone virtual mining directly generates digital currency, and the output itself does not necessarily have currency attributes. Tokens that do not have currency attributes require robust application scenarios, such as Defi, NFT, and DAO.

Suggestion: Mobile phone-free mining is not to be missed, and pay attention to using personal information by bad APPs.

3. Staking mining

Pledge mining is a mining mode that pledges tokens to obtain more tokens. The initial source of tokens is obtained from free virtual mining machine mining, c2c transaction, and paid virtual mining machines.

Staking mining has two purposes: to prevent big players from smashing the market and provide convenience for dapp creators.

However, pledge mining is currently a bit tasteless. Once the token is listed on the exchange, no matter whether there is a pledge or lock-up, some speculators will continue to smash the market to collect chips at a low price and increase the shipment; the thing that is a bit tasteful is that the pledge and lock-up allow some holders Coiners can have a longer chance to avoid risk.

At present, dapp does not have any good application scenarios except wallets. NFT is the concept/protocol standard closest to the landing project, and it can be called chicken legs with meat in the future.

About Airdrop

Token airdrop refers to the blockchain network directly rewarding users with a certain amount of tokens during the promotion or operation stage.

Airdrop tokens are a specific number, such as 10,000, but they must complete specific tasks before they can be released.

Mining and airdrops are both means and methods of the blockchain network incentive model, and there are no advantages or disadvantages.

About nft token and nft token transaction

1. NFT was originally the name of a class of tokens. Each specific token has its name. For details, please refer to the article What is NFT _What does the concept of NFT mean - NFT mining mode.

2. A game company issued a token named "NFT." Usually, the NFT mentioned by the media is not a game token NFT but an NFT concept/industry. 

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