how to create a free nft on opensea

 How to create a free NFT

After opening up to the NFT world, the first question I asked myself was obviously how to create NFT. Better if it's free!

There are those who say that it is very simple and those who instead declare that until you have done it you cannot speak.
In this guide we will create one step-by-step on, then on the worldwide reference site.
The operations will be done on the Ethereum blockchain and this, as we understood by buying my first NFT, has a high cost.
But do not despair, we will see that the costs are really minimal.

What we need to create an NFT

The tools needed are few and possessed by most people, that is

  1. A computer

  1. An internet connection
  2. Metamask installed on the browser
  3. The image of the NFT 

The steps to create an NFT

Now we don't need anything else and we are already halfway there. Let's go to and we will enter the home page.

Let's log in

Click on the icon with the little man at the top right and we will arrive at the "login" page. However, we will not have to enter the user name and password but simply just connect our wallet.

Once we click on the first option, that is "MetaMask", the window to sign the contract will appear at the top right.

We press the blue button at the bottom right and we will be ready to use OpenSea.

We create the NFT

The time has come to understand how to create an NFT. We need to access the creation interface by going to the top right of the "Create" button.

Once clicked we will be in the creation panel, as you can see from the image below.

Now we will have to upload all the features, such as photos (or videos), title, description, external link, and the collection to which it belongs.

The external link is used to take the visitor to a product detail page that can reside on an external server.
The collection, on the other hand, is the container in which your NFT will be saved. You can create 5 collections that can contain a maximum of 50 NFT each (circumventable limit but with in-depth programming knowledge).

Collections can be created and deleted without problems and the section where you can do it is this (

Now comes the interesting part, namely the features. Get ready because as I show you your head will boil with ideas and possible applications!

We have the properties, levels, and stats.

The property

It is the traits, such as sex. In the case of CryptoPunk

The levels

For example, in the case of a collectible card, the level could be the edition

The statistics

In this case, the statistic is always the edition but is reported in another way

What I understand is that there is no precise guideline for these characteristics. There are and depending on the project you want to do you can use one, all, or none.
This NFT instead uses them all and we can once again understand that there is no law on their correct use.

Let's continue

Immediately after we have "Unlockable Content", which is textual content that can only be viewed by the owner of the NFT.

You can put any kind of bonus or information, such as a web address, credentials, secret words, etc. The limit is the imagination.

And finally, the flag to say that the NFT has explicit content.

The Blockchain number and network

Finally, we could define how many NFTs to create (currently only one is possible at a time) and the blockchain on which we want to put it.

Before creating it, know that you can always modify everything you have written.
Obviously, until you freeze the metadata. At that point, the NFT will no longer be editable and will remain so forever.
Now we understand what “behind the scenes” NFTs are, that is, what are the manageable parameters.

We create the NFT

Now click on "Create" and the NFT will be minted (created) and we can find it in our collection.
That's all, you say? What about the costs? What about the problems? And the waits?
None of that. This procedure is exactly what it takes to create an NFT.

So how much does it cost to create NFT?

As you have seen, there is no expense. At least, there is no expense to create it.
Another issue is the sale which actually allows us to monetize it. In this case, the costs remain low but due to the gas fees, they are still felt.
However, this is the topic of the next article.

In conclusion

Now that we understand how to create and sell Non Fungible Tokens also called NFT, I hope you have a clearer idea.

There are many alternatives, both marketplaces ( nifty gateway, and variable) and the blockchain (Cosmos, Binance Smart Chain, etc.) but I have kept on the most famous and used one.

The more you get out of what is known and tested, the more chances there are of running into technical problems, so I invite you to carefully consider what to choose.

Creating NFTs can be fun, but always remember to connect MetaMask (or Trust Wallet or Math Wallet, etc.) to reliable sites, always checking their address.

Creating and selling NFTs, on the other hand, can also be very profitable! It is clear that between saying and doing there is the sea.

The musician

Maybe if you are an artist it could be an interesting sector to explore.

In fact, if you make music and want to earn money from your art, the NFT market could be a solution.

In fact, it is a common opinion that the music sector will benefit greatly from this revolution. It would be nice to turn audio into euros, right?

Collectables may be jostling digitally to purchase a limited NFT copy of your works.

With the video market, however, I believe it won't be that simple. Perhaps because the competition is already fierce.

If you feel ready and have figured out how to create an NFT, you can get started.

The nice thing is that thanks to the blockchain you will be able to earn from all the steps that are made of your works from the seller to the buyer.

But remember that this article is not meant to be an incentive to sell or buy these tokens or anything else.

Back to us, if you start creating NFT, let me know in the comments how your work is progressing!

See you on the blockchain!

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