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How to condition your hair: 10 home remedies for to regain moisture in hair

How to condition your hair 10 home remedies for to regain moisture in hair
How to condition your hair 10 home remedies for to regain moisture in hair


How to condition your hair: 10 home remedies for to regain moisture in hair


  How to condition your hair? Can its shine and elasticity be restored without visiting the salon? How to moisturize your hair at home? We offer ten ways to restore curls at the lowest cost. Dry hair, the more difficult to manage. And they look much worse: lose their luster, become lifeless, thin, and break easily. Changing the appearance of your curls does not mean that you have health problems. This usually occurs with frequent exposure to the sun, regular use of a hair dryer, smoking, and avoiding moisturizers. But there are simple ways to moisturize your hair. You can use it to restore the structure of strands and make them smooth and shiny.  

1. Get a haircut

If the tips are dry and split, there is no point in saving them. The hair needs a reboot, which can be achieved with a haircut. By freeing curls from rough and dry ends, you allow them to grow faster. After a haircut, the appearance of the hairstyle is instantly improved.  

2. Think about vitamins

Some substances directly affect the condition of the skin and hair. And if you notice dryness, loss of shine, and lifeless strands, the reason may be a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Supplements containing vitamins A and C, biotin, and mineral iron will help to replenish them. Their deficiency often occurs against the background of a strict diet for weight loss, refusal of animal products (meat and dairy products), and a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet. 3. Add omega-3 fatty acids If you’re thinking about how to moisturize your hair at home, start by changing your diet. Products containing omega-3s protect strands from thinning and restore shine to them. Substances found in oily fish: salmon; mackerel; sardine. Also, any marine protein product will be their source: mussels; oysters; squid.


4. Pay attention to antioxidants

These substances protect cells from early aging. A sufficient amount of antioxidants in food affects the appearance of the hairstyle. If there are not enough of them, free radicals actively damage cells, and after a couple of weeks after cutting, the hair will again look lifeless. Sources of antioxidants: walnuts; beans; blueberries; tomatoes; broccoli.  

5. Forget about frequent hair washing

Even if it seems to you that your hair does not look fresh in the evening, try not to wash your hair every day. Shampoos not only wash away impurities but also remove sebum from the scalp. This essential ingredient is a natural moisturizer that makes hair easier to care for and makes it shiny. If there is too much of it, then the head quickly becomes oily. If not enough, the hairs look dry. It is essential to achieve a balance of natural skin lubrication, and for this, you need to give up daily shampooing and try to do it at least every other day. If you don’t like your hair looks without daily washing, use a mild shampoo: for babies or dry hair. They cleanse the hairless aggressively and retain some of the skin’s lubrication.  

6. Wrap your hair with a thin cloth after the shower.

If you blow-dry your curls, you dry them out, and if you let them air dry, then you do the same. Especially in winter, when the air in the apartment is arid with hot radiators. Or in the summer, if you go out with a wet head on the street. At such moments, you should wrap your hair with a thin cloth – a scarf or gauze to reduce the rate of evaporation of water. When the apartment’s air is humid in the off-season, you do not need to do this.  

7. Give up the hairdryer

Or try to use it as little as possible. Research confirms that hot air blowing from a hairdryer damages the hair shaft during and even after drying. If blown-dry remains part of your daily grooming ritual for many years, it invariably leads to dry hair. To reduce the adverse effects of blow-drying, keep it at least 15 cm away.  

8. Try a cool shower

Hot water is just as bad for skin and curls as hot air. At the same time, cool improves the condition of the hairs and even promotes their rapid growth. After washing your hair, stand under a stream of cool water for a couple of minutes. It will refresh and revitalize the skin and strands.  

9. Use essential oils

It is a pleasant and effective way to moisturize your hair. Just apply a few drops of argan oil to the ends after you shower. The oil seals the moisture inside the hair shaft, making curls appear denser and more well-groomed. You can add a few drops of essential oil (peppermint or lavender) to a protective spray and apply it to your hair after shampooing. Such a remedy will reduce the aggressive drying effects of styling, sun, and wind.

10. Wear a hat

Ultraviolet light is dangerous not only for the skin. It also disrupts the structure of the hair shaft. If the hairs are already dry, they need to be protected from ultraviolet radiation, and for this, you should wear a hat when you are outside for a long time. How to condition your hair

How to moisturize your hair – an overview of effective techniques – How to condition your hair?


The problem of dry hair worries almost every third woman. The hair loses its shine, looks lifeless, and does not lend itself to styling. Due to the lack of moisture, the tips suffer the most – they split and break off. Dealing with this is not easy, but possible. The main thing is to choose the right hair moisturizer.

The main differences between moisturizing and nourishing hair

Moisturizing and nourishing are two basic needs of the hairline. Many cosmetics are designed for complex care that will solve two problems at once. However, trichologists advise selecting cosmetics for nourishing and moisturizing curly hair or straight strands separately. In their opinion, this approach is more effective. Before choosing a hair product, it is necessary to diagnose: 1. A clear sign of a lack of moisture is crispy ends. If you lightly rub them against each other, a rustle is heard. There is no such effect when the strands are well hydrated. Such hair feels cool when touched. 2. Insufficient nutrition is evidenced by a lifeless appearance and dullness. Due to the rigidity, such curls are difficult to style. The primary purpose of moisturizing is to restore the natural moisture balance. Thanks to this, the tips acquire vitality and stop chopping and breaking off. Nourishing the hair helps to make it firmer, denser, and shinier. Another difference is that moisturized curls remain light and airy, while after applying nutrient formulations, the hair becomes heavier.

The best home remedies for moisturizing hair

Even without visiting beauty salons, you can restore the natural beauty of the curls. Intensely moisturizing your hair at home starts with choosing a shampoo. When buying, you need to pay attention to its composition. It must contain ingredients: ceramides; keratin; argan, almond, or olive oil. Shampoo for frequent use is best. It shouldn’t contain sulfates, which dry the hair. After shampooing, a balm must be used. After applying it, the strands are easy to comb and do not get confused. However, this is not enough for complete hair restoration. You will have to regularly carry out the procedure for deep moisturizing your hair at home. This will help masks that can be prepared from the available ingredients. Such compositions are applied only to pre-washed hair and then washed off with warm water without using shampoo.

Aloe mask  

If aloe grows at home, you need to cut off one fleshy leaf from the flower, interrupt it with a blender and leave the gruel in the refrigerator for several hours. The mass is applied evenly to clean strands, being careful not to get on the scalp. Next, put on a plastic cap. To keep warm, a towel is wrapped around the head. After an hour, the composition is washed off with running water. Its temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.condition your hair Advice! After the end of the procedure, it is advisable to rinse the curls with a cold stream to close the cuticle scales. This technique will keep all the moisture received inside each hair. Home moisturizing mask for dry hair ends For those who have only dry ends, a honey-glycerin mask is suitable. You need to mix two tablespoons of liquid honey, 10 ml of glycerin, and ten drops of olive oil to prepare it. The mixture is applied to the ends of the hair and kept for 30 minutes, after which it is washed off.

Cucumber mask  condition your hair

This is the best non-rinse-free hair moisturizer at home. You will need two fresh cucumbers. The fruits are rubbed on a fine grater, squeezed out the juice, and filtered through cheesecloth folded several times. The resulting liquid treats the strands along the entire length and puts on a rubber cap. After an hour, hair can be blotted with a towel and dried. A mask with cucumber juice is recommended after each shampooing.

Yogurt mask condition your hair

It is an excellent product for moisturizing hair after bleaching when it needs intensive care the most. You will need low-fat natural yogurt without additives. The fermented milk product should not be cold. Let it stand for about an hour in the room. A tablespoon of orange or lemon juice is added to it, mixed, and applied to damp hair after washing. The holding time is 1 hour. At the end of the procedure, the strands are thoroughly washed with warm water and then cold.

The best professional hair moisturizers

There are many cosmetic products on the market for dry, lifeless hair. It is quite difficult for girls to make the right choice. In this case, professional cosmetics will come to the rescue: shampoos; conditioners; balms; serum; masks. Moisturizers for porous hair usually include glycerin, hydrolyzed silk proteins, collagen, elastin, as well as hyaluronic acid, and herbal extracts. Natural oils saturate the curls well with moisture and, at the same time, do not make them heavier. These are shea butter, avocado, argan, grape seed, and almond butter. If the product contains these components, you can ensure that intensive nutrition and moisturizing bleached hair are provided. Natural oils not only restore the structure of damaged rods but also create a thinnest film on their surface, which protects hair from harmful environmental influences.

Prevention of dry hair

Dealing with dry hair is much more complicated than preventing the problem. Moisturized, healthy curls are the result of daily care that includes: refusal to use ironing and drying with a hot hairdryer; wearing a headdress in summer; the use of hair products with sunscreen action; Use of serums and masks with moisturizing ingredients. Dry hair must be dealt with comprehensively. Sometimes this problem appears due to hormonal imbalances, bad habits and poor nutrition, so first you need to take care of your health. The second step on the road to beautiful hair is good care.





  How to condition your hair       How to condition your hair

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