Top health benefits of coffee , Is Good for You

health benefits of coffee
health benefits of coffee


Health benefits of coffee and disadvantages of caffeine



Is coffee good or bad for your health? Health benefits of coffee

Health benefits of coffee for those who enjoy a variety of coffee beans every day, the day doesn’t start without coffee, it’s a big problem if it’s bad for you. “Is it harmful to drink too much coffee?” “What about instant coffee?” I asked a registered dietitian to solve these coffee and health questions.  

It seems that the cause of the controversy that coffee is good or bad for the body

 Benefits of caffeine health

Caffeine has a function to awaken, so if you take it in an appropriate amount, it is recommended to activate the brain, improve concentration, and improve work and study efficiency.  It is also recommended to take it before exercise as it will further improve exercise efficiency. It also has other functions as enhancing the function of autonomic nerves (burn fat and promoting basal metabolism).  In addition to caffeine, coffee also polyphenols” contains. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties and remove active oxygen that causes rough skin, cancer, and illness. 

So why is there an opinion that coffee is bad for you?

Disadvantages of caffeine

Taking too much caffeine has as causing frustration, anxiety, and making tired negative effects on your body, such you more. If you take too much caffeine daily, the symptoms listed above, such as an “I can’t sleep well or cause you to feel unwell.” Also, caffeine poisoning (caffeine addiction) can cause and, in the worst case, death.

How much can I drink in a day?

(Health Canada), the that an adult can take in a day is the amount of caffeine 400 mg about three cups of coffee, which is. * According to WHO (World Health Organization), 300 mg/day for pregnant women. Caffeine tolerance varies from person to person, so this number is not always the right amount. If you’ve ever been sick with, the idea of caffeine non-caffeine coffee it’s good to use.

The appropriate age to drink coffee

Again, the problem is caffeine. Symptoms of excessive caffeine intake include mild insomnia, dizziness, nausea, and frequent urination cases, but severe headache, palpitation, and convulsions may occur cases. Health Canada has set a daily caffeine intake of 45 mg for children aged 4 to 6 years. Adults only need about 3 cups of coffee a day, so children smaller than that should be given more attention to the amount of caffeine. For children, parents should check the intake of tea (green tea, black tea, etc.), sparkling drinks, and energy drinks, which are easier to eat than coffee. Age is also a point to be aware of, but the most important thing is resistant caffeine and whether you are to whether you have you to the constitution that allows excreting.

Health Effect of caffeine contained in coffee

It is said that pregnant women and children should drink coffee that is low in caffeine. The awakening effect of caffeine has the effect of clearing the head and increasing concentration. It also has a diuretic effect and has the effect of promoting the discharge of waste products in the body.

Effect of polyphenols contained in coffee

How many polyphenols in coffee

It is also known that coffee contains more polyphenols than caffeine. In recent years, it has been found that French people who drink a lot of red wine, rich in polyphenols have a low mortality rate from heart disease despite eating an oily diet. The fact that the polyphenols contained in red wine are good for the body has attracted attention, but in fact coffee also contains polyphenols in an amount comparable to that of red wine

Polyphenol content per 100g of food: 10 foods high in polyphenols

  1. Red wine       235

  2. Coffee              210

  3. Green Tea     120

  4. Black Tea      98

  5. Tomato           72

  6. Cocoa               65

  7. I’m milk          39

  8. Broccoli         36

  9. Fruit juice    35

  10. Grapes           14


The polyphenols contained in red wine are anthocyanins, tannins, and Resveratrol, but the representative polyphenols contained in coffee are chlorogenic acids. Polyphenols are components of the bitterness and pigments of plants and are components with a strong antioxidant effect that protect the body from active oxygen. Therefore, polyphenols are effective in preventing cancers triggered by active oxygen and lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction. The effect of polyphenols on preventing skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays is also attracting attention.

Can coffee have a calming effect?

Another health benefit of coffee that should not be forgotten is the relaxing effect of coffee. Do you feel relieved when you smell the good aroma of coffee? Drinking good coffee, relaxing, and relieving stress are also important for your health.


Benefits of coffee

Coffee has many good ingredients that work well on the skin and body. However, pay attention to the time and amount of coffee you take, and sometimes take in non-caffeine teas such as Rooibos tea and barley tea to lead a healthy coffee life.









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